Solar 2
Solar2 xbox box art
Developer(s) Murudai Independent Game Development
Publisher Murudai Independent Game Development
Release 17 June 2011
Game Modes Singleplayer
ESRB rating Unknown
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360
Media Steam, GamersGate, Xbox LIVE Indie Games
Official website


Solar 2 is an open-world, sandbox game set in an infinite abstract universe. Play constructively: grow your system, nurture life on your planets and attack enemy life in huge space battles. Play destructively: crash into other objects and cause chaos, use your orbiting objects like wrecking balls, steal planets from other systems.


  • Dynamic abstract sandbox universe. Changes and evolves as you do.
  • Non-linear missions and open-world gameplay.
  • No boundaries. Drift forever in ambient space bliss.
  • Full of weird eccentric humor and stuff.
  • Extensive custom sound track.

Development Team:Edit

Solar 2 was developed by Jay Watts, who did most of the work. That includes all concept and design, all programming, all ingame graphics and animations, business, publishing. Solar 2 took 10 months to develop using Microsoft XNA Game Studio using Visual Studio C# Express. No 3rd party engines were used. Graphics were done with Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop. Jay Watts called upon other artists and assistants which helped make what Solar 2 is now, here are a list of all know assistants.

Soundtrack and Artwork:Edit

The Solar 2 OST along with the splash screen was released to the general public for free on the 26th of June 2011 by Jay Watts as a "thank you gift" to the fans.


Solar 2 - Release Trailer

Solar 2 - Release Trailer

The Solar 2 Release Trailer.

Solar 2 - Announce Trailer

Solar 2 - Announce Trailer

The Solar 2 Announce Trailer.

Solar - IGF Trailer

Solar - IGF Trailer

The Solar 1.5 Trailer