Solar 1
Solar xbox box art
Developer(s) Murudai Independent Game Development
Publisher Murudai Independent Game Development
Release 20th March 2009
Game Modes Singleplayer
ESRB rating Unknown
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Media Xbox LIVE Indie Games
Official website


Solar, a space simulation/action game where you play as the sun itself. You can complete a myriad of challenges or simply mess around in an infinite, sandbox universe.


Solar was originally designed around August 2008 and was released in March 2009 on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. It was a prototype of the full version of the game, now called Solar 2 (so people don’t get a naming conflict with the prototype). The original Solar is available only on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. The core gameplay remains largely unchanged between Solar and Solar 2, although Solar 1 structures the gameplay and content differently. Solar 1 took 4 months to make and design.

Solar (Flash):Edit

Murudai released a dumbed down Flash version of Solar 1, the Xbox 360 Indie game that would eventually become Solar 2 for PC. The goal is simple. Create the largest Solar System you can. Bigger Solar System equals More Points. But be careful, things can get chaotic. Flash version of Solar on


thumb|250px|The Solar Trailer.